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Wet and Horny 3 years ago
I want my pussy ate like that mmmmm
Mike 3 years ago
I feel it would be hard for a straight Woman to not, at least, think about eating pussy after watching this.
Celtic Druid 5 years ago
Great scene. Would have been one of my favorites without all the fake moaning. So annoying. Unrealistic. The aww aww aww in 2 second intervals is a complete turn off. Sadly most young adult videos emphasize the fake orgasm. Enough said.
Cockus_Maximus 3 years ago
2 fingers up her ass at 2:00. Aw, yissss....
3 years ago
Oh I want like that
Girl 6 years ago
Shit look amazing
Mike 3 years ago
To me, there's nothing quite like providing a trusting and willing Woman complete pleasure. Doing so with just your tongue, lips and fingers is a total turn on. It's completely empowering to watch, taste, hear, smell and feel the pleasure that's overtaking her body.
seve 5 years ago
pretty Jufratte sure knows how to make a clit happy..
Pretty face n vagina 5 years ago
Love seeing the pretty face of Eufrat and that vaginal flesh at 00:10 and 00:50 as she works her tongue deeply and with intensity. The orgasm she brings her lover feels so good.
Fiery Redhead 2 years ago
What would make this even hotter for me, if I was sitting in that chair with my legs spread wide, was if a group of men were watching. In my fantasies and at times in real life, I am an exhibitionist so I get off by being watched. In my fantasies, all the men would gang bang afterward. Filling all my holes at once, using my body as their fuck toy. Making me their slut. I know, I'm naughty. lol Great video but I am with others in that I hate fake moaning. It ruins the whole affect for me.